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my personal way of keeping up on current events, brainstorming marketing concepts, and trying to make the world a better place.

true love


awesome little homes.


Drink Coffee! It's Good for You!

This article makes the barista in me very happy….  Just make sure it is fair trade please!

BP to go on Trial for Gulf Spill

I find it pretty crazy that there is even a question of whether or no BP is responsible for this monstrosity.  

Electric cars! Estonia! Woo!

Honestly… there is no reason for us to NOT have more access to electric cars in the U.S. Besides big oil and their ties to our government.

NASCAR going green

I was thinking about how NASCAR is totally my non-sustainability guilty pleasure… then I saw this (ridiculously short) Q&A.  I don’t feel SO bad now.

What you probably didn't think about when you thought about that giant gold fish in lake tahoe.

it’s interesting to consider what effects dumping your pet goldfish… or letting your rabbit go, etc… might have on the environment.

Not so nice for our privacy...

Nuclear tanks leaking in Washington...

if you google this story you can find it on CCN and Fox but it was never on their front pages…

A bit of good fracking news. Go Colorado!

Medical centers get awarded for their sustainability efforts

Having worked in an emergency room, I know how important it is to have power when most others do not.  Simply having a generator is not a guarantee that things will run smoothly… hospitals should be at the forefront of sustainable energy; our lives depend on it.

Wish I had been there!

It's important to note that using corn will not decrease our greenhouse gases in a significant enough manner to get where we need to be; this is a great article

"the devil is in the details"

we should stop GMO everything.... salmon is just another to add to the list.